from undergraduate and graduate students who have worked in my group


Michael Foss-Feig '06 - Ground State Tunnel Splitting in Mn12 Acetate

Eduardo da Silva Neto '08 - Abrupt Changes in the Tunneling Levels for Mn12-tBuAc Induced by a Transverse Magnetic Field

Movies that go with Eduardo's thesis (note: these files are large, 143 MB each):

Jeffrey Grover '09 - Using Repeated Landau-Zener Transitions to Factor Integers with Superconducting Qubits

Andrew Eddins, '11 - Direct Observation of Superradiance in Fe8 Single-Molecule Magnets

Spencer Adams '13 - Towards an Examination of the Sweet Spot Principle in Cr7Mn, a Single Molecule Magnet Qubit

Andrew Mowry '14 - Refining the Spectroscopic Techniques for the Characterization of Single Molecule Magnets

Changyun Yoo '15 - Towards Landau-Zener-Stückelberg Interferometry on Single-molecule Magnets

Yiming Chen (Ph.D. 2016) - Tunneling assisted forbidden transitions in the single molecule magnet Ni4